Julie Randall

Julie Randall has an inspirational story to tell. Having faced a 0% survival rate, she understands the importance of tenacity, positivity and hope in everyday life.

Julie Randall was a 50-year-old mother of two teenage girls when in 2012, following a sudden seizure at work, she was told she had Stage IV metastatic melanoma in her brain, pancreas, lungs and liver.

Showing remarkable resolve Julie identified a clinical trial in Portland, Oregon as her best and only hope. That hope was dashed when she was told the trial was full, all 70 places filled. Not one to take no for an answer, Julie made it her mission to be accepted on the trial. She succeeded and became known as “Patient 71”.

Julie’s story is recounted in her moving memoir “Patient 71” and was also featured on 60 Minutes.

Today, more than seven years on, Julie remains well and possesses a perspective few of us will ever know.

Julie is a strong advocate of sun safety and regular skin checks. She is also passionate about Melanoma Institute Australia. Joining our efforts to reach our goal of zero deaths from melanoma, Julie finds strong meaning and purpose in playing her part in making that happen.