Kyly Clarke

MIA Ambassador

Australian television presenter, interior designer and mother Kyly Clarke knows too well the devastating impact of melanoma on families. Her grandmother died from melanoma and Kyly has had her own melanoma scare.

Given her family history, Kyly was always vigilant about checking her skin for changes and so went straight to the doctor when she noticed one of her moles was changing. It was removed and it was an anxious wait until results showed it was an abnormal mole, but not melanoma.

Kyly and her family love the great outdoors but understand it is important we enjoy our beautiful climate safely. As a Melanoma Institute Australia ambassador, she is committed to helping raise awareness, particularly amongst young Australians, about the damaging effects of the sun. Kyly is equally passionate about supporting life-saving research so other families don’t lose loved ones to melanoma.

‘I sadly never had the chance to meet my grandmother who died from melanoma before I was born. I want my daughter Kelsey Lee to grow up in a world where sun safe behaviour is the norm and where there are effective treatments to save lives from melanoma, which is why I am delighted to be helping raise awareness and funds to help tackle this health issue facing all Australians,’ Kyly said.