Assoc Professor Serigne Lo

MSc, PhD


Manager of Research & Biostatistics Group, MIA

Associate Professor Serigne Lo is a Senior Statistician and Senior Research Fellow in Biostatistics at the University of Sydney. He manages the R&BG and provides leadership in the conduct of cutting edge biostatistical methods and support across the institute. Prior to joining the MIA in February 2015, Dr Lo has accumulated 14 years of teaching/research experience including 8 years as biostatistician at the George Institute for Global Health – Australia.

A/Prof Lo has a strong background in quantitative analysis. He holds a Master in Econometrics (2002) and a PhD in Statistics/Econometrics from the University of Geneva (2006). He has worked across numerous disease areas and has been responsible for the design, the analysis and the reporting of health and medical studies for academic, drug regulatory agencies and government agencies. A/Prof Lo is interested in the development of new statistical methods. His personal research includes: Clinical trials, Adaptive design, Multistate modelling, and Joint-modelling.

A/Prof Lo is acting as Secretary on the MIA Research Committee, fielding project requests on the Melanoma Research Database (MRD), and is administering the review process.