Research Projects

Research Projects2023-05-17T09:12:56+10:00

Global advances in melanoma prevention, diagnosis and treatment are underpinned by work carried out in MIA’s laboratories which helps build knowledge and understanding of the disease. Melanoma Institute Australia has many active research projects at any one time.

Melanoma Institute Australia conducts its research under 4 themes: 

  1. Early Melanoma
  2. Advanced Melanoma
  3. Prevention, Risk & Clinical Detection of Melanoma
  4. Supportive Care & Survivorship

View our Research Retreat 2022 document which provides a snapshot of our Melanoma Institute Australia research projects across our research pillars.
(Note: When the Research Retreat 2022 was held we had 5 pillars, but have now integrated ‘Society, Policy & Economics’ into the other 4 pillars).

Read more about a number of key Melanoma Institute Australia research projects below.

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