Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) facilitates melanoma treatment and care through affiliated clinics at the Poche Centre in Wollstonecraft, Sydney. MIA has multiple clinics for melanoma patients, covering the specialities of surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology and dermatology.

Multidisciplinary cancer care is essential to optimal melanoma and skin cancer care. MIA operates the largest skin cancer multidisciplinary team meeting (MDT) in Australia. If further discussion regarding the direction of patient care is necessary after review by an MIA specialist, the referral will be discussed at the MDT.

The MIA clinics do not provide public outpatient services. Appointments with MIA clinics are by clinician referral only. All patients are billed for their direct clinical care by the private attending physician. Patients referred to the MIA’s affiliated specialists are eligible for a Medicare rebate.

Referral Information for Clinicians

To refer a patient to an MIA Clinic please complete a referral letter addressed to Melanoma Institute Australia and attach all relevant history and diagnostic information. Please include the following:

•   A clinical trial consideration request
•   Medical history – including previous cancer treatment or current immunosuppression (if applicable)
•   Most recent imaging and blood test results
•   Histopathology results
•   Molecular pathology results (if performed)
•   Contact details of referring cancer specialist (email and phone)

To see all clinics at Melanoma Institute Australia, including their contact details, see our Clinics page.

Referrals can be provided to the individual clinic, or email or fax +61 2 9954 9290.

For general questions about our referral process please contact Melanoma Institute Australia on +61 2 9911 7200.

Patients should bring, wherever possible, copies of any diagnostic imaging, preferably on CD or in digital format, to their first appointment.