There are specialist clinics located within The Poche Centre in Wollstonecraft (near North Sydney) and affiliated with Melanoma Institute Australia. The clinics – which include surgeons, medical oncologists, dermatologists, and psychologists – work collaboratively under the one roof, providing patients with world-leading melanoma treatment and support.


Sydney Melanoma & Surgical Oncology

Expert, ethical and research-based excellence in melanoma patient care, including surgical oncology and radiation oncology.

Leading Clinicians:
A/Prof Robyn Saw, Prof Angela Hong, Prof Omgo Nieweg, Dr Tom Pennington

Suites 5 & 6 (Level 2) The Poche Centre
Phone: (02) 9911 7210

Jonathan Stretch & Associates

Our practice covers a broad range of plastic surgery, including surgery and reconstruction for patients with melanoma and other forms of skin cancer.

Leading Clinicians:
A/Prof Jonathan Stretch

Suite 1 (Level 2) The Poche Centre
Phone: (02) 9911 7240

Michael Rtshiladze

We are a plastic and reconstructive surgery practice with a focus on the surgical management of melanoma and complex skin cancers, as well as paediatric plastic surgery. Our practice fosters a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach to the care of our skin cancer patients and embraces the use of new technologies and cancer treatments.

Leading Clinician:
Dr Michael Rtshiladze

Suite 1 (Level 2) The Poche Centre
Phone: (02) 9911 7327
Fax: (02) 9954 9927

Breast & Surgical Oncology

We are a multidisciplinary cancer diagnosis and treatment practice specialising in breast cancer, melanoma and soft tissue tumours. We provide cancer care and work closely in well-established multidisciplinary teams with our medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, radiology, pathology, nursing and research colleagues.

Leading Clinician:
Prof Andrew Spillane

Suite 2 (Level 2) The Poche Centre
Phone: (02) 9911 7250

Melanoma Dermatology

A nationwide referral centre for assessment and management of difficult pigment lesions and melanoma. Leaders in state-of-the-art non-invasive diagnostic technology.

Leading Clinicians:
A/Prof Linda Martin, Prof Pascale Guitera (on leave), Prof Fergal Moloney, Dr Bruna Gouveia, Dr Annika Smith, Dr Shivam Kapila, Dr Roland Nguyen, Dr Benjamin Daniel, Dr Niamh-Anna O’Sullivan, Dr Fatemeh Parisa Arianejad, Dr David Stewart (Plastic Surgeon)

Dr Bruna Gallo, Dr Genevieve Ho

Dermatology Nurse:
Ms Denise Wilson, Ms Lesley Rhodes, Ms Anna Jakto

Suite 8 (Level 3) The Poche Centre
Phone: (02) 9911 7277
Fax: (02) 9922 7220

Sydney Medical Oncology

Sydney Medical Oncology is a leading specialist oncology practice. Our consultants are internationally recognised experts in their field and have extensive experience with, and access to, the latest and most effective cancer treatments and clinical trials available.

Leading Clinicians:
Prof Georgina Long AO, A/Prof Alex Menzies

Suites 3 & 4 (Level 2) The Poche Centre
Phone: (02) 9911 7258
Fax: (02) 9922 7139
HealthLink: sydmonco

The Clinical Psychology Service

A clinical psychologist service specialising in working with people facing adjustment to cancer, illness, chronic pain, trauma, grief and anxiety.

Leading Clinicians:
Dr Skye Dong (Thursday/Friday)
Dr Mandy McGrath (Monday/Tuesday)

Suite 9 (Level 3) The Poche Centre
Phone: (02) 9911 7285

Clinicians – To refer patients please provide Referral Form, Distress Thermometer and DASS21 Form via email.

Haematology & Oncology Northern Sydney

We aim to provide outstanding person-centred medical oncology care that focuses on individual needs, and links you into our network of support. Each of our doctors is an expert in their field, and is involved in teaching and research as well as patient care.

Leading Clinicians:
Prof Fran Boyle, Dr Ben Forster, Dr Siobhan O’Neill

Suite 7 (Level 3) The Poche Centre
Phone: (02) 9957 7744

A referral is required for all appointments at The Poche Centre clinics.

Planning your visit to the Poche Centre


The Poche Centre
Cammeraygal Land
40 Rocklands Road
NSW 2065


Parking is available under The Poche Centre (enter car park from Rocklands Road). Please note that this is a paid parking station.

COVID Policy

In the interests of patient and staff safety we ask that all patients with appointments at The Poche Centre abide by the following:

  • It is a requirement that all patients and carers wear a mask in The Poche Centre.
  • Patients and visitors who have tested positive to COVID-19 must avoid attending The Poche Centre for 10-days or until symptoms pass (whichever is the greater).
  • Do not attend your scheduled appointment if you are unwell with cold and flu symptoms.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate clinic. MIA continues to offer tele-health options which can be discussed with your doctor if applicable.

Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated as we work to protect the health of our patients and staff.