Improve your knowledge of melanoma with our melanoma eBooks. Written by the multidisciplinary team at MIA, our eBooks provide an invaluable opportunity to learn from the experts in an exciting and easily understood format, offering the reader an interactive experience to facilitate learning.

The eBooks contain interactive images, photos and video that supplement text to build an understanding not possible from a printed book. They are free to download with Books on your Apple device.

There are two eBooks available:

1. Melanoma Essentials: A Concise Guide

An easy-to-read resource for GPs and other medical, nursing and allied professionals who are not specialised in the treatment of melanoma. It has a strong diagnostic and practical management emphasis to help you gain a better understanding of the disease.

2. Melanoma Principles & Practices

A specialist-calibre eBook on melanoma care and treatment that provides a comprehensive practical resource to aid all clinical areas. This free eBook is richly illustrated with clinical images and video, histology, diagrams and interactive modules including the broad spectrum of practice, diagnostic techniques, pathology, operative surgery, and systemic therapies.