Melanoma Diagnosis

Let us help you understand how melanoma is diagnosed, what your pathology report means and the stages of melanoma.

Melanoma Treatment

Melanoma treatment options are based on the stage of your melanoma, together with other factors such as your age and general health.

Patient Information

A melanoma diagnosis can be a confusing and overwhelming time for patients and their families. That’s why we have created guides, brochures and a video to ensure you have all the information you need.

Patient Support

We are here to provide support during your melanoma journey – from Melanoma Nurses and Patient Support Groups, to Clinical Psychology Services and our handy Support Services Directory.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials help us find better ways to diagnose and treat melanoma. Most patients have the opportunity to participate in clinicals trials and
become part of our research effort, which will ultimately save all lives from melanoma.

Help our Research

Melanoma patients play a fundamental role in our ground-breaking melanoma research.