Ray & Sandy Price

MIA Ambassadors

Dual international and Parramatta Eels legend Ray Price and his wife Sandy have shared a lifetime together – but one thing they never thought they’d share was a melanoma diagnosis. Sandy was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma, and immediately began lifesaving treatment. 18 months later, Ray was diagnosed with Stage III melanoma following surgery to remove a melanoma from his back six years earlier. The pair then began combining hospital visits as they each waged their own battle against the disease.

‘We never thought we would be sitting side by side having treatment for advanced melanoma.’ Sandy said. ‘Advances in treatment, and Ray’s jokes, definitely got us through the toughest of times.’

Ray and Sandy have joined Melanoma Institute Australia as Ambassadors to help start life-saving conversations, particularly with sports fans, about the importance of sun safety and checking your skin for changes, and the need to support ongoing research to find effective treatments for the disease. They were guests at MIA’s National Press Club Address about urgent action needed to prevent melanoma, as well as at Melanoma March Coolangatta where they now live.

“The reason we went public is to help others,’ Ray said. ‘If one person hears our story and changes their sun safe behaviour, or checks their skin for changes, then we can help save lives. Melanoma is a cow of a thing, but it can be prevented, and also treated effectively if you catch it early.’