The Federal Government committed to provide $14.8 million to support 35 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) melanoma nurses by 2025-26 as part of the Melanoma Nurses Program.

The National Melanoma Nurses Program, funded by the Federal Government, commits to recruiting and training Specialist Melanoma Nurses across Australia.

Adopting a patient-centred and evidence-based approach, the National Melanoma Nurses program aims to:
1) Improve clinical outcomes for Australians with melanoma, and
2) Directly improve the health and wellbeing of Australians affected by melanoma through the provision of quality care, support, and education.

Specialist Melanoma Nurses will be a central point of contact for Australians impacted by melanoma and will provide comprehensive services including the provision of quality and direct clinical care, care coordination and navigation support, and structured survivorship care.

It is expected that the Specialist Melanoma Nurse will be embedded within existing multidisciplinary services and be predominantly co-located with either surgical and/or medical oncologists. A further cohort of Program Nurses will be dedicated to Telehealth Services, facilitating access to nursing care irrespective of geographic location or disease stage.

The Specialist Melanoma Nurses will have a unique opportunity to contribute to nationwide melanoma research, improving the care of melanoma patients into the future.

We recognise that 35.0 FTE is not enough to place Specialist Melanoma Nurses in all areas of need. Need will be assessed considering melanoma incidence, access to established melanoma multidisciplinary teams and other available melanoma services. Consideration will also be given to state/territory of service, including regional and remote communities.

For further information, including updates about the Program implementation, please contact Rebecca Johnson, National Melanoma Nurses Program Manager,  on