MIA Speakers’ Hub are inspiring volunteer speakers available to attend community and corporate events to help raise awareness about melanoma. Click on your state to see MIA Speakers’ Hub members in your area.


Rachel Bartlett

Rachel wants to be able to help people, especially youth, to understand what melanoma is and spread the word of living a sun smart life and having regular skin checks.


Leon Betts

Leon lost his 25 year old daughter to melanoma and is passionate about continuing her legacy of raising awareness about melanoma prevention.


Bettina Corbo

Quoting Ferris Bueller, Bettina believes “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and take a breath every once in a while, you might just miss it!”


Renee Darling

At the age of 24 Renee was a new mum, and a cancer patient. Now, as a Stage III melanoma survivor, Renee is dedicated to raising awareness about melanoma prevention and early detection.


Fay Duffy

Fay wants to share her husband Lyell’s melanoma story to make a difference by raising awareness and encouraging others to take action.


Vivian Falk

Vivian never imagined her husband, Leon’s routine skin cancer check would lead to melanoma diagnosis. She wants to use Leon's story as a platform to promote the importance of early detection for all.


Anne Gately

Through sharing her impactful story about surviving Stage IV melanoma, Anne is on a mission to change the way Australians behave in the sun.


Kristy Roberts

Kristy’s husband Geoff passed away from melanoma in June 2016. Kristy works in healthcare, so she is motivated to share Geoff’s story and raise awareness to help others and change behaviours.


Annette St Clair

Annette St Clair’s daughter Amie lost her battle with melanoma when she was just 23. In Amie’s honour, Annette is now dedicated to educating people in the Riverina about melanoma and supporting those impacted.