Paige McNeil

After experiencing the trauma of having a melanoma in situ removed from her face, Paige is keen to spread the message about melanoma prevention and skin checks and encourage positive changes in behaviour.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
- Nelson Mandela

Paige was born and bred in Perth and has a long Western Australian family history, which includes her ancestor Major Edmund Lockyer founding Albany in 1827.

She is passionate about education and started her career as a primary school teacher before taking maternity leave to raise two children (Paris and Logan). During this time she completed a Graduate Diploma in Applied Governance and re-entered the workforce as a Company Secretary. Married to a geologist, Paige worked alongside her husband Peter to lead and grow mineral exploration companies in Papua New Guinea. Paige also led many community projects in PNG, supplying library books, teacher resources and stationery to remote schools.  She has since fulfilled executive management roles in the commercial and not for profit sectors, and currently lives with her family in the iconic Perth Hills.

Paige noticed a blemish on her right cheek about five years ago. In late 2020 she noticed it was spreading, so she had a skin check. Within two days it was confirmed that the blemish was a melanoma in situ and it was successfully removed. The doctor speculated that, if left for two or three more months, it could have spread into her lymphatic system. Paige realised she had a ticking time bomb on her face.

It was a traumatic time for Paige. Although she felt lucky to have caught the melanoma early, the fast pace of the ordeal and the six centimetre scar on her face meant that she was an emotional wreck. She is very grateful for the support and services offered by melanomaWA (which is part of Melanoma Institute Australia) and Solaris Cancer Care.

After this personal experience, Paige is keen to spread the message about melanoma prevention and skin checks. She wants to share her story and encourage others to live a sun smart life. Education is the key to positive change in behaviours and attitudes and melanoma is preventable.