Professor Rachael Morton

MScMED (Clin Epi) (Hons) PhD

Health Economist

Professor Rachael Morton is a Health Economist, specialising in within-trial and modelled economic evaluation, and elicitation of patient preferences using discrete choice experiments. She is the MIA Research Theme leader for Society, Policy and Economics. Rachael is a member of the MIA Research Committee and Executive Member of the Australian Clinical Outcomes Register for Melanoma. She is currently leading a project to embed patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) into Clinical Quality Registries.

Rachael’s research incorporates patient-centred and economic outcomes in clinical trials of diagnostic tests (such as CT and PET/CT), new treatments and models of care to facilitate policy decision-making on the basis of cost-effectiveness. Currently she is the lead health economist for several clinical trials in melanoma and other cancers, including Whole Brain Radiotherapy for brain metastases, EAGLE-FM, MEL-MART, Managing Your Risk (genomic risk in melanoma), Teledermatology, and Cannabis for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.