Oceana Strachan

Game On Mole Ambassador

Model Oceana Strachan, who was diagnosed with melanoma in April 2021, has supported our ‘Game On Mole’ campaign for two years.

‘I have olive skin and naively thought if I got sunburnt, I would deal with the consequences much later in life,’ Oceana said. ‘But then I discovered an unusual looking mole on my leg and luckily, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, decided to go the doctor to get it checked. I was shocked when I was diagnosed with melanoma and ended up at Melanoma Institute Australia and having surgery.’

Following her shock diagnosis, Oceana shared her very personal melanoma story with her hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, in the hope it would help promote sun-safe behaviour and early detection of the disease.

‘I am so thankful that I didn’t delay seeking treatment,’ Oceana said. ‘And that’s why I’m proudly supporting ‘Game On Mole’ - if just one person hears my story, and checks their skin and seeks medical advice, then it will be worth it. These are life-saving conversations that all of Australia desperately needs to have.’