Shannan Ponton

MIA Ambassador

Shannan Ponton is proof that melanoma can strike anyone. Shannan was holidaying in Bali with his wife when she noticed a suspicious looking mole on the back of his thigh. She booked him in for a skin check immediately on his return to Sydney – it was melanoma.

Shannan says he’s one of the lucky ones, as despite undergoing two rounds of surgery and now sporting a 20cm scar, his melanoma hadn’t spread. With his mum also having fought her own melanoma battle, Shannan is passionate about helping Melanoma Institute Australia raise awareness about the importance of a sun-smart lifestyle, as well as vital funds for melanoma research.

With over 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, Shannan has extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of exercise, fitness, nutrition, health, people management and the media. Shannan is a well-respected and in demand health and fitness expert having developed and delivered innovative personal training, fitness, motivational and general life solutions to many participants.