A promising young MIA researcher is conferred with University of Sydney PhD.

The whole MIA team is proud of Hansol Lee, who officially became Dr Hansol Lee this week when he was conferred with his PhD at University of Sydney.

Hansol began his PhD at the MIA’s Translational Research Laboratory in 2016 supervised by Dr James Wilmott, Prof Richard Scolyer AO and Prof Georgina Long AO.

Hansol’s research focuses on the innate immune system, the part of the immune system that reacts immediately and non-specifically to foreign threats, and how this plays a role in response and resistance to immunotherapy in melanoma patients. Significant discoveries have already been made, and a greater understanding of this link will assist researchers in further modifying treatments to provide better outcomes for patients.

Read more about Hansol’s research published in Oncoimmunology journal: Integrated molecular and immunophenotypic analysis of NK cells in anti-PD-1 treated metastatic melanoma patients

Hansol received scholarship support from the APEX Foundation and MIA’s PhD Scholarship Program.

The future is certainly promising for melanoma research.