Patients, family members and members of parliament attended the recent Melanoma Community Forum in Hobart to hear about the latest in melanoma treatment and support. It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet others impacted by melanoma. The Forum was the first held since the merger of Skin Cancer Tasmania and Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA).

Speakers at the Forum included:

Matthew Browne – CEO MIA, who outlined the work and mission of MIA, the State of The Nation Report into Melanoma, the national rollout of oncology nurses, and the impact of the National Press Club of Australia address.

Prof Andrew Spillane – Surgical Oncologist MIA, who provided updates in the management of early stage melanoma, including an update on surgical margins (MelMarT II study), a discussion of sentinel node biopsy, and the impact of neoadjuvant treatment on surgery for melanoma patients.

Dr Ines Pires da Silva – Medical Oncologist MIA, who outlined updates in the management of melanoma from a medical oncology perspective – including early stage treatment (adjuvant and neoadjuvant), updates in advanced melanoma treatment (targeted therapy and immunotherapy) and management of adverse events from immunotherapy.

Dr Kym Nutting – Clinical Psychologist, presented practical tips on the management of anxiety and fear of recurrence.

Thank you to everyone who joined us!