We are pleased and proud to announce that Melanoma Institute Australia’s world leading researchers at University of Sydney – Prof Georgina Long AO, Assoc Prof Alex Menzies and Professor Anne Cust – received National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants today to further their melanoma research, taking us closer to achieving our mission of zero deaths from melanoma this decade.

Prof Georgina Long AO was awarded $3.9 million for ‘Towards Zero Deaths from Melanoma: Innovative Clinical Trials with Multi-omics Analyses’. The project will develop new drug therapies using innovative clinical trial designs, collecting unique samples to understand the causes, and conquer drug resistance.

Assoc Prof Alex Menzies was awarded $1.3 million for ‘Predictive biomarkers of response, resistance and toxicity with immunotherapy in melanoma’.

Prof Anne Cust was awarded $2 million for ‘Tailored approaches to improve prevention and early detection of melanoma and other skin cancers’.

These successful grants demonstrate the outstanding work of our researchers and the potential impact of their projects.

Melanoma Institute Australia is affiliated with The University of Sydney.