The Retreat shared highlights from MIA-led research activities as we continue to work towards our mission of zero deaths from melanoma. Despite the constraints of COVID, research has continued to drive advances in melanoma treatment, detection, prevention and supportive care, as well as focusing on society, policy and economic impacts.

MIA’s research is grouped into four themes:

  1. Early Melanoma – led by Prof Richard Scolyer AO and A/Prof Sydney Ch’ng
  2. Advanced Melanoma – led by Prof Georgina Long AO and Prof Helen Rizos
  3. Prevention, Risk and Clinical Detection – led by Prof Anne Cust and Prof Pascale Guitera
  4. Supportive Care and Survivorship – led by Dr Iris Batula and A/Prof Robyn Saw
  5. Society, Policy and Economics – led by Prof Rachael Morton & A/Prof Alex Menzies

Given our proud reputation as a world leader in melanoma research, it was appropriate that today’s inspiring program of presentations included a panel discussion on developing the next generation of melanoma research leaders.

Many thanks to our many research collaborators.