A national targeted melanoma screening program is a step closer following today’s release of the ‘Skin Checks for Melanoma in Australia Position Statement’, led by Melanoma Institute Australia in collaboration with expert colleagues from across the country.

Implementation of an evidence-based national targeted melanoma screening program, similar to those already in place for bowel and breast cancer, is critical if we are to reach our mission of zero deaths from melanoma.

The Position Statement outlines ongoing research required to identify high risk patients to be included in a national screening program, and has been presented to government to inform the development of such a program.

“The need for a national melanoma screening program was highlighted in the landmark ‘State of the Nation in Melanoma Report’ released in February 2022, and emphasised last month during our Australian of the Year acceptance speech,” said Professor Georgina Long AO and Professor Richard Scolyer AO who led the development of the Position Statement.

“We are delighted to have presented this evidence-based Position Statement to government and look forward to working collaboratively to develop this vital melanoma screening program.”

Early detection of melanoma is critical to saving lives. If caught early, 95% of melanomas can be cured with simple surgery. Regardless of risk, all Australians are urged to know their skin and seek medical advice if they notice anything new or changing. Prevention is always better than a cure, and sun safety is vital to prevent melanoma and other skin cancers.

Portrait of Prof Scolyer and Prof Long courtesy of NADC / Salty Dingo.

‘Skin Checks for Melanoma in Australia Position Statement’

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