Our GAME ON MOLE campaign is back this summer! GAME ON MOLE is a call to action to take your skin seriously!

Melanoma is the most common cancer for 20 to 39 year old Australians, and the first sign of a melanoma is a new or changing mole.

Our cheeky (and uniquely Aussie) awareness campaign GAME ON MOLE  aims to encourage all Aussies to know the skin they are in and to be sun-safe. It’s using Aussie humour to convey a serious message.

To provide protection – and help start life-saving conversations sun-safety and skin health – we’ve created a GAME ON MOLE corduroy bucket hat which looks good and is so comfy you won’t want to take it off. It is also sun safe with a UPF50+ rating and a 7cm brim designed to cover your ears and neck.

How do you stay sun-safe whilst enjoying the outdoors? How do you check your skin and what changes should you look for? How do you buy a GAME ON MOLE hat? All these questions and more are answered on our GAME ON MOLE website: